Might not get much of a wildflower bloom this year but the tulips were spectacular as usual. And once again the Fuji XE-1 impresses. I’ve got the in-camera color options all set to neutral and when I get the raw images onto the computer all that is necessary are minor exposure adjustments. With the images in this post it took all of about 30 seconds in the editor.

Seeing all these brilliantly colored flowers in person is a pleasure, but composing a photo can be overwhelming. Where to start… When I saw the one lower flower was backlit and next to a wall of other flowers that the sun was only lighting from side I said, “Aha!”.


Further up the hill I saw this single tall white flower among the tulips. The contrast of the creamy white vertical flower against a sea of purple and green caught my eye.


And one more to show off the wonderfully saturated and true to life colors of the tulips at Descanso Gardens:


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