IMG_1753My name is Greg Rothschild and I’d like to thank you for looking at my website and tell you a little about myself. Southern California is where I live and where I grew up. I fell in love with photography late last century. In fact, I can site the actual moment when I decided to get serious about taking pictures. It was autumn and I was driving along a dirt road in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. As the sun neared the horizon I saw a beautiful sunset- the sky was on fire and I can still remember how it left me speechless. Don’t see many like that- it really was a spectacle. I found a little trail that led around to a place where I had an unobstructed view of snow capped and  golden aspen shrouded 14 thousand foot mountains. The sky was turning from fiery gold to deep purple- the timing was perfect and I had a little point and shoot camera that I did my best with to capture the moment but I failed completely. When I looked at the print I decided I would not only buy a decent camera but more importantly I’d learn how to use it. 20 years later I’ve got a few photos to share with the world.

Please use the comment option on any of the pages to let me know what you think, ask any questions you might have or offer your critique. All comments are welcome.

Thanks and enjoy.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed looking at your work Greg… you have nothing to be tentative about. Your pictures speak volumes for themselves.

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